A Podiatrist’s Foot tips for Before, During and After Camping

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Camping sites around Australia book out in the summer months as well as during the many public holidays during the first half of the year such as, new years, Easter, Anzac Day, Reconciliation Day etc.

We have broken this blog post up into three sections of tips for your feet before, during and after camping.


Here are our Podiatrist’s tips for your feet BEFORE you go camping
  • Pack a first aid kit. When camping in summer our feet are exposed to the elements. This includes:
    – UV light so pack plenty of sunscreen
    – Bodies of water which may have hidden sharp sticks, shell, rock which will require antiseptic use and for deeper cuts and grazes Band-Aids and bandages are required.
  • Uneven terrain which may increase your risk of lower limb injuries such as ankle sprains which a bandage may be required to provide compression if excessive swelling occurs.
  • Check for any cuts and grazes before you go. If you do have any, these sites must be carefully monitored and need to avoid excess dust, soil, sand and water. Consider having cuts and grazes covered with a Band-Aid when at risk of this exposure.
  • Don’t forget to pack supportive footwear for long walks even though it’s summer and it’s hot, you should still wear good quality footwear (not flip flops!) when walking longer distances.


Here are our Podiatrist’s tips for your feet DURING camping
  •  Patrol the area to ensure it is safe to walk barefoot as you or one of the kids are likely to sneak around barefoot at some time. Avoid potential injuries by checking and removing hazards to the feet.
  • Wear flip flops/thongs or slides in communal areas to avoid catching an infectious disease such as athlete’s foot/tinea and warts/verruca/plantar warts. We recommend The Archie’s range, which provide support as well as providing protection against the common conditions mentioned above.
  • After swimming dry your skin well particularly between the toes. Fungus loves growing in moist environments so by drying your skin well you are decreasing the risk of athlete’s foot/tinea.
  • Wear sunscreen on your feet, even underneath as just like the rest of our skin, the feet can get sunburnt and sun related skin cancers.


Here are our Podiatrist’s tips for your feet for AFTER camping
  • Give your feet a good clean and scrub or even a soak to remove all the dust, soil and sand. There are some bacteria that live in soil that can cause fungal toenails so safely clear as much soil around the toenail edges.
  • See a health professional such a podiatrist, GP or nurse if you have a ‘foreign body’ such as a splinter or piece of shell in your foot so they can safely remove the object and provide follow-up care.
  • Continue to check your feet for tinea/athlete’s foot and warts for several weeks after camping. These conditions can take a few days and weeks to be visible. If you notice a suspicious lesion, see a health professional such as a pharmacist, GP or podiatrist.


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