New Step Podiatry’s Vision, Mission & Values for our Team and Canberra Community

Our Vision

To Bring More Joy To Every Step

Our Mission

To work in partnership with our clients to resolve their foot, ankle and lower leg concerns.

Our Values

Our values define who we are, unite us as a team and guide our decision-making processes.

Collaborate: Achieve Together

By working in partnership with people we share a goal. We will seek input from clients and their health care team to work together towards these shared goals. We generously share our knowledge, expertise and skills with others. We when aim and act together, we achieve together.

Empowerment: Create Lasting Change

With clear goals in mind, we provide personalised management plans to give clients a greater capacity to take action outside of consultations times. We respect the individual and we celebrate their knowledge, skills and past experiences. Empowerment encourages growth, success and can bring lasting change.

Positive Attitude: Turn Challenges into Opportunities

We approach each day with an optimistic energy to create an environment that is welcoming and makes our clients feel comfortable. We build genuine and fulfilling relationships with each other. The can-do attitude helps us address and overcome difficult situations. By maintaining an optimistic attitude, we turn challenges into opportunities.

Passion: Drive Growth

We are passionate about people; our clients, team and community. We enjoy our work and what we do. This passion drives continuous professional learning and personal growth to provide clients with innovative and well researched services.

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