Foot tips for your hobbies: Cooking & Baking!

An Article Written By New Step Podiatry

If you are doing a baking session, chances are you are going to spend some time of your feet.

To prevent early onset of foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, lower back, back etc. fatigue, consider the following questions to ask yourself.

  1. Can you do some chopping or other preparation sitting down?
  2. As kitchens have hard surface floors, can you wear some cushioned shoes?
  3. If you have orthotics, have you been told by your Podiatrist to wear them for extended periods of weightbearing time? If so, make sure you wear them.
  4. Is there a spot on the ground that you stand a lot and can put a pressure mat e.g. kitchen sink, stove?

Take some rest breaks incorporating some gentle stretches such as calf stretches which may alleviate discomfort.
Make sure you are drinking enough water.

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