Foot tips for your hobbies: Machine sewing!

An Article Written By New Step Podiatry

Do your shin muscles get sore when using a foot pedal for your sewing machine?

If so, it is possibly from muscle fatigue of the ankle extensor muscles (shin muscles). Try different positions, for example, flipping the pedal around, so the tall side is closest to your body, although the angle is higher, you might not have to press as hard.
👣 Alternatively, try having your entire foot or just the ball of your foot on the pedal. If you are stilling fatiguing, mix up the positions.
👣 Are you finding the foot pedal is slipping and sliding away?
👣 A rubber mat under the foot pedal may assist in preventing the foot pedal moving away from you making use more comfortable.

For more information on how to help your feet whilst sewing with a sewing machine, book in to see one of our podiatrist.

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