Foot tips for your hobbies: Skiing & Snowboarding!

An Article Written By New Step Podiatry

Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to have fun in the snow, and it helps that we’re not too far away from some epic snow fields. 🌨
All that downhill movement, twisting, and turning can put some unique stresses on our feet and ankles! 🦶🏽

Here are some things to consider before you hit the slopes: 🏔
• Get your boots fitted by a ski boot fitter 🎿 – your feet shouldn’t be sliding around in your boots. (If you’re hiring skis, take your ski socks with you)
• Make sure your skis are the correct length ⛷
• Consider foot orthotics or heat mouldable foot beds in your ski boots for a better fit 🏂
• Check if your ski socks are moisture-wicking to avoid wet feet 🧦
• Warm up on easier slopes before you hit those double black diamond runs! 💎

For more information or to get your ski boots fitted book into see one of our podiatrists!

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