Ange Fenwick

Practice Manager

I joined New Step Podiatry in June 2022 after returning to the workforce from being on maternity leave. I have a background in Early Childhood Education and Care and was running a Childcare Centre prior to going on maternity leave.

Some fun facts about me are:

  • I play piano & sing
  • The Office is my favourite show
  • I can quote most of the movie Cool Runnings from memory!

What is it like to work at New Step Podiatry?

Working at New Step Podiatry has been so great! The team atmosphere is really positive and supportive. New Step Podiatry has allowed me to have a good work/life balance; which as a parent of a young child this has been so beneficial to me. The clients have all been really lovely, it has honestly been such a pleasure to work at New Step Podiatry.

What my teammates have to say about me:

While its been short, I’ve very much enjoyed our time working together/ beside each other. You have a wonderful energy about you, and have fit into the team very nicely, love having you here! – Jayde

Every time I’m around you I can’t help but feel happier because you just exude positivity, even when you’re talking about things that are stressful, like moving house! – Yen-Chii

You are super keen and have found so many ways to improve the practice because of your positive disposition. You are also a very fast learner and I wish you started at New Step Podiatry years ago! – Cecilia

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