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You may have noticed that New Step Podiatry offers a range of services including medical technology that helps our Podiatrists assess and treat our patient’s lower limb conditions. Investing in effective medical technology and professional development has not only improved our patient’s outcomes but kept our Podiatrist’s jobs interesting too! Here’s a quick overview of our podiatry care investments:

Swift microwave therapy for warts
Computer aided designed orthotics onsite with offsite computer aided manufacturing
Video gait analysis and PodoSmart connected insoles to quantify gait analysis
3D foot scanning for custom orthotics
Shockwave therapy for certain musculoskeletal injuries
Digital dynamometre for muscle strength testing
Fully automated arterial circulation studies for improved reliability
Dry needling and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation
Foot mobilisation techniques
Toenail bracing

For further information on our services check out each of our individual services pages.

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