Children’s Podiatry Services in Canberra

As children grow their feet and legs can suffer from a range of conditions. Some conditions are only experienced when a child is growing, other conditions are lifelong. Future complications can be avoided in some lower limb conditions with early identification.

Parents, teachers and even other health professionals can delay podiatry referral and state that a problem is just related to growing. This can prevent a child receiving appropriate pain management and a speedy return to physical activity. Issues addressed early can improve function and avoid future pain.

When to bring your child to a podiatrist:

There is a report of pain in the feet, ankles or legs
You think your child is walking differently to their peers. This may be tip toe walking, excessive intoeing, flat feet or asymmetrical
Frequent tripping and falls
Uneven shoe wear
Difficulty fitting shoes

Issues addressed early can improve function and avoid future pain.

Foot, ankle and lower limb conditions that our podiatrists assess

Heel pain
Flatfeet/rolling in
Toe walking
Intoeing/pigeon toed
Outtoeing/penguin walk
A limp when walking and running
Frequency tripping, balance issues and/or general clumsiness
Delayed walking
Foot, ankle, leg, knee, thigh pain
Generalised hypermobility
Reoccurring ankle rolls
Growing pains
Ingrown toenails
Curly or claw toes
Knocked knees
Bowed leg
Limb length difference (one leg longer than the other)

New Step Podiatry diagnoses and treats both acute and chronic sports related injuries.

What happens in a podiatry paediatric assessment?

Pre/post natal, developmental, medical and the nature of the injury or pain

Joint range of motion studies, muscle length, muscle strength and reflex testing

Foot posture, skeletal alignment and compensations evaluated

Hopping, jumping, balance and sport specific movements

Appropriate fit and style for the child’s activities

The above findings and relevant treatment options are discussed

Your child’s management plan may consist of advice and a ‘watchful waiting’ approach. This direction is taken when we need to monitor your child’s development. In this case, 3, 6 or 12 monthly intervals/appointments are scheduled. We are here to help families in Belconnen, Canberra & beyond better understand the needs for the development of their children.

Referrals to specialists are provided when required. Reports will be forwarded to referring practitioners.

Podiatry treatment options for children requires considering the age of your child.

When providing podiatry care to children, our Podiatrists are careful to ensure we have explained the condition and treatment in a way that is understood by the child and we answer everyone’s questions. Podiatry treatment options for children may or may not be the same treatment we provide to adults for the same condition.

We must take the child’s age into consideration when providing treatment for certain conditions; for example, we are taking into account:

  • if the treatment has been proven as safe in children
  • the biological differences that children have to adults e.g. their immune systems
  • the physical differences that growing children have to adults and whether a condition may change with time
  • what the child’s feelings and [pain] response is towards a treatment

Podiatry care options that our podiatrists can offer include:

  • Help choosing the right shoes
  • In shoe devices such as orthotic therapy, cushioning, padding and heel raises
  • Issuing of other devices such as an ankle brace
  • Stretching strengthening and balance exercise prescription
  • Advice on what physical activities should be reduced such as jumping or hopping
  • Taping which will be demonstrated to the parent/carer/trainer for at home replication
  • Hands on techniques such as massage and mobilisation
  • Icing and advice on other forms of analgesia such as oral medications; Panadol/paracetamol and Nurofen.
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