Terms & Conditions

The client (or parent in case of under 16 years of age) at all times understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

(1) New Step Podiatry will provide treatment to me, if I adhere to the below terms and conditions.

(2) New Step Podiatry has full authority to release or obtain any information/documents to or from any referring medical practitioner, any referring health provider, the relevant insurance company and/or my stated legal advisor regarding my current medical condition that pertains to my treatment.

(3) I understand that New Step Podiatry will send a reminder text message 5 days before my appointment (when possible) and that I am required to reply “yes” to confirm my appointment. If I wish to cancel or reschedule my appointment I need to contact New Step Podiatry by phoning 02 6198 4818, emailing admin@newsteppodiatry.com.au or in person 1/37 Kesteven Street Florey ACT.

(4) I will put my mobile phone on silent (not vibrate) for the entirety of the consultation, if this is not possible, I will notify the Podiatrist.

(5) I acknowledge that the following behaviours will not be tolerated and that New Step Podiatry will refuse treatment to me if these behaviours are exhibited:

• Swearing/verbal abuse/shouting; • recording without permission (still images, video or sound); • threats, including threatening gestures; • any form of intimidation; • any form of violence against another people; • any damage to property.

(6) I will arrive on time to my appointment; in the instance that I am running late, I will notify New Step Podiatry before the start of the consultation and I understand that my appointment may be forfeited and a fee of $30.00 will be requested. If payment of the $30.00 fee is refused, New Step Podiatry has the right to refuse any further treatment.

(7) I will be at all times responsible for payment of my account in full.

(8) I will need to provide payment of my account in full at the time of consultation until the approval for any compensation claim has been confirmed or if prior arrangements have been made with New Step Podiatry.

(9) I remain liable to pay any unrecovered amounts on demand by New Step Podiatry.

(10) If there is a delay in payment of any treatment costs for longer than 60 days, I acknowledge that I will be requested to pay a $25 additional cost on the consultation fee.

(11) In the event where you fail to pay the whole amount due within 60 days of being so requested to do so by New Step Podiatry in writing, then we shall be at liberty to instruct a Collection Agency and or solicitors to recover the monies outstanding and you shall be liable for any costs, charges, commissions and expenses reasonably and properly payable by us to such Collection Agency and/or solicitors relating to recovery of such sum.

(12) I understand and will adhere to the cancellation policy (below) and privacy policy (on request).

(13) The above terms and conditions may be updated in which case the most recent terms and conditions will be available at the www.newsteppodiatry.com.au website links. I understand the most recent terms and conditions will apply.

Cancellation Policy: New Step Podiatry requires a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your appointment or make any changes to your appointment including rescheduling it, or fees may apply. This provides the practice with an opportunity to offer the appointment to other clients from our waiting list. We ask clients to make every effort to keep their scheduled appointments to avoid us having to turn other clients away when we are fully booked. When cancelling a consultation, New Step Podiatry can be contacted by phone 02 6198 4818, email admin@newsteppodiatry.com.au or in person 1/37 Kesteven Street Florey ACT. If you do not attend the practice and do not cancel your appointment, on the first occasion we will charge you $30. On the second occasion we will charge you the full cost of the scheduled appointments. If you do cancel your appointment but provide less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged $30. Cancellation fees are not kept by New Step Podiatry, they are donated to a selected charity at the end of the financial year. NDIS/DVA/Insurance/Third Party/Private Health Insurers do not cover charges for non-attendance. These charges will need to be met by the client.

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